Flora Fragrance is a sister concern of Pan Asia Specialities. It was established in the year 1986 by a visionary man Bhanu Bhadauria from a distant middle-class family. He came up with a positive idea to polish the world with natural aromas and essential oils from flowers.

Since its inception, we are constantly looking forward to making natural products available to people all over the world. We present our real and pure products in the whole world consumer market and the list continues expanding.

We sell our products to direct customers, small businesses and wholesalers. In other words, we are open for bulk orders too.

We are perpetrated to optimum excellence and growth in the field of natural essential oils. We supply 100% pure essential oils as we are one of the largest manufacturers, dealer, and suppliers of Essential Oils including Natural Essential Oils, Absolutes, Aroma, Aromatic Chemicals, Aromatherapy Oils, Perfume Oil, Aromatherapy Oil, Reconstitution Oil and Specialties to different industries.

Today Pan Asia’s high quality, beautifully packaged products are sold globally. Our goal is to use natural resources for product making and to become the world's largest manufacturer and supplier of these products.

Our Mission

Our mission is to achieve the international standards of excellence in the aspect of fragrance, essential oils and absolutes in diverse business with a focus on happy customers through maximizing the value of products and services, cost reduction and maximizing satisfaction for customers.

  • Our aim is to conserve ecological balance and heritage through strong environmental discretion.
  • Providing appropriate assistance to the customer to ensure and maintain a continuous and smooth supply of products through quality preparation, transport, and marketing activities and use efficiently utilizing essential oils.
  • Maximizing existing facilities to improve efficiency and increase productivity.
  • Building the basis of strong research and development in the areas of essential oils and aroma and encouraging the development of the creation of new aromatic products.
  • To optimize the utilization of its extraction capacity and maximize distillate yield from flowers and herbs.
  • Providing prompt, polite and efficient service and quality products at reasonable end prices.

Research and Development Process

Pan Asia and its R & D Team continued their efforts to provide competitive advantage through innovations in the field of new fragrance and herbal extracts while maintaining the naturalness of the products.

  • The application-oriented study has started in the field of essential oils and aroma. These essential oils are very important for human beings.
  • We know this fact that innovation is necessary to meet the needs of new customers and to create new streams of products. That's why we are also moving forward in this area.
  • We are also adding new fragrances to our list of existing products and for this, we are using new and advanced extraction methods and formulas.

We look after the environment, health and safety

Pan Asia is committed to protecting the environment and ensuring the health and safety of its people and customers. We do not do any kind of compromise in our products and also give high priority to cleanliness at the workplace. We use formulas for extraction which is environmentally friendly.