Hello friends! With summers days as the mercury soars high we start facing many problems like skin allergies, redness, irritations, sunburns, tanning and many more. But don’t worry our essential oils are there to prevent you from all these problems and enhancing your summers plans, be it lounging on the beach, gardening, or planning a family vacation etc.

Here are a few of our favorite essential oils which will be a relief for you from all the summer problems:

1.)  Peppermint Essential Oil: Peppermint oil repels bugs and eases itching. Apply peppermint to get instant cooling effect.  It can also open your sinuses and reduce fever, help prepare you for sleep and alleviate bloating and nausea.

2.)  Tea Tree Essential Oil:  It can help soothe agonizing rashes. This strong, cooling essential oil has the power to help alleviate skin after hiking a little too close to a poison oak plant or a mosquito-ridden creek bed.

3.)  Lime Essential Oil: It gives you a refreshing feeling as it has cooling, antiseptic, antidepressant, diuretic, and antioxidant-loaded properties. It prevents you from skin irritation and allergies too.

4.)  Sandalwood Essential Oil: Where it gets pretty darn hot sandalwood essential oil comes to the rescue as it is known for its cooling, calming qualities. It is gentler to the skin as compared to other essential oils.

5.)  Eucalyptus Essential Oil: It is one of the most effective essential oils especially in summers. It has medicinal properties.  In the summertime, it can serve as great antiseptic and antibacterial oil. It can heal wounds, scratches, and other skin issues which occur in summers.

So friends, now I’m sure you can execute and enjoy your summer plans freely!

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