About Angelica Root Essential Oil:

The botanical name of Angelica Essential Oil is Aquilaria Agollocha. The oil is extracted from the roots, rhizome, and seeds and steam distillation is employed to achieve this. The uniquely woody and peppery aroma possesses a vast therapeutic repertoire. Angelica enriches the body and renews it. It is richly complex essential oils. Angelica has been used in the form of natural rehabilitation or health tonic since the middle Ages.

Properties of Angelica Root Essential Oil:

It is of medium viscosity, and is extracted from the rhizome, the seeds and the herb itself.

Uses Angelica Root Essential Oil:

Because of the various positive effects that it has on your health and the various systems of the body, it can treat a few different conditions like bronchitis and asthma, partially by removing the toxins from the body that are left over when the kidneys don’t function correctly. It is the same with anemia and some infections that can exist in the blood. For those that suffer from sciatica, angelica root helps to deaden the nerve which can reduce pain and is also effective against dry skin and conditions like psoriasis.

Benefits of Angelica Root Essential Oil:

1.) For Stress and Anxiety :  It has a warm, musky and earthy aroma that many people respond well to and when diffused around the home can bring positivity, calm and joy.

2.) Purifies Blood: It has depurative properties in it, which means that it helps purify the blood. It also helps lower blood pressure and fat in the body, which protects your heart.

3.) Expectorant: This means that it is great for the respiratory system as it clears out all the phlegm that is accumulated in the respiratory tract, making it easier to breathe. It also helps protect the body against infections that cause colds. As a result, it provides relief from symptoms such as congestion in the lungs, coughs, sinusitis and colds.

4.) Detoxification: While we often consider sweating to be a nuisance, it performs a valuable function in eliminating many unwanted substances from the body including uric acid, fats, sebum and other toxins.  It increases the quantity and frequency of urination which can help purify your system.

Benefits of Angelica Root Essential Oil for women:

1.) Menstrual Relief:  Angelica essential oil has natural emmenagogue properties which improves menstrual regularity as well as numerous symptoms of the period including cramps, bloating, and fatigue and mood issues.

2.) Reliefs from Headaches: It is a common problem in women. Simply inhale Angelica Oil or massage from some drops of Angelica Root Oil on your temples and say bye bye to headaches!

3.) Muscle Relaxant: Due to regular house works muscle issues generally occur in women. Angelica Essential Oil has anti-spasmodic, nervine and relaxant properties. It relaxes tight muscles and prevents muscle spasms.

So now when you know everything about Angelica Root Essential Oil, what are you waiting for buy it now!


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