Lime is an amazing citrus fruit that may look ordinary and small but it is actually a great source of nutrition and has numerous health benefits, especially in summers it can do wonders for an individual! It is helpful in boosting iron absorption, it supports healthy immune functioning, prevent kidney stones, improve heart health etc.

In this article today we will tell you about the benefits of using Lime Essential Oil !

1.)    Aromatic: Lime Essential Oil when diffused in your local environment, can promote emotional well-being and balance. It is a convenient way to get through stressful moments of your day. It is characterized by its distinctive scent of pure freshness. Therefore it is highly recommended and regarded in aromatherapy.

2.)    Insect repellant: In summers one of the most irritating factors in our lives is the mosquitoes, bugs and insects.  Add a few drops of the lime essential oil to a jar of liquid coconut oil and place it on a table. Not only will it keep pests away, it will smell lovely as well.

3.)    Hair care:  Using lime essential oil spray in summers will gently soothe your hair and leave you with that tousled beach look!  You can apply to damp or dry hair, or a bit of both, to find your natural style.


4.)    Delicious summer favorite: If you love fruity or sweet drinks then lime essential oil will add amazing flavors to your drinks.  It will add a tart, naturally sweet flavor to your favorite juices, smoothies, or drinks.

5.)    Cures allergies and infection: Because of its antiseptic properties, lime essential oil protects one from various skin allergies and infections caused in summers and also immune their body.

So friends now you know the various benefits of lime essential oil. So, what are you waiting for buy it now! Visit to buy the best essential oils!

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