This is the holy month of Ramadan so it is obvious to feel the pleasant fragrance of attars and perfumes in air. Everyone loves to use perfumes of different scents and flavors. It also makes the environment fragrant and fresh. In Muslim tradition the origin of fragrance is even before the Mughal Rule. Attars and perfumes hold special significance in Islam. They are highly used during Ramadan as Muslims believe that their Allah loves the scents.

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In this article we’ll tell you about Arabic perfumes collection of Flora Fragrance which you should definitely use this Ramadan and which will keep you fresh and fragrant all day long:

1.)    Mukhallat Sheikha:  A sparkling fragrance with Rosy amber top notes and a range of unique ingredients to form a unique fragrance that is pleasant in its own ways. It is long lasting and a perfect option for those who are confident and love the great outdoors.

2.)    Mukhallat al Jamal: Mukhallat Al Jamal is a remarkable perfume having floral, woody, musky, and ambery notes. As not being overwhelmingly sweet or heavy it is ideal to use this Ramadan. It promises to invigorate and overwhelm your subtle senses. It is an invitation to enjoy the fresh soothing sensations of a sumptuous scent.

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3.)    Flora Lilia: Anchored in bottom notes of musk, warm woods, and amber, Flora Lilia Perfume harbors a middle layer of lush green petals and jasmine. It can really be helpful in regaining and maintaining concentration in Ramadan. It is long lasting and just like a flower bouquet for joyful springtime mood.

4.)    Flora Badra:  Anchored in top notes of rose with woody and spicy aroma, Badra perfume has a fragrance that is really very pleasant and refreshing.  It will keep you energetic and it can also give you relief from those inevitable late afternoon slumps while fasting.

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5.)    Flora Aseel: Flora Aseel is a popular fragrance among attar lovers. It has light and sweet smell loved by all. It is an oriental, dark and deep perfume that is perfect for any occasion. Wear it in iftar parties, get together etc and it will definitely be loved by all. The fragrance features warm spicy, roses green, fresh spicy, woody notes. 

6.)    Musk Rajali: Musk Rajali is a fragrance featuring fresh notes of floral aroma that combines hints of spice. It uplifts moods and makes you agile. A perfect fragrance for men and women that is long-lasting and refreshing.

Not only you can use these perfumes but can also gift it to your loved ones, friends and relatives this Ramadan and we’re sure they’ll love these.  Also, we are offering special Ramadan discounts! Shop for Rs. 999 and get upto 25% off! Offer code: RAMADAN25

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