Some scents never go out of style. They are always remembered for their unique and amazing fragrances.  Our traditional perfumes are also among those fragrances which are remembered for their mesmerizing fragrances.

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1.)    Flora Rose Garden: Flora Rose Garden perfume we sell is also known as Otto of Rose. It is basically the essence of rose or rose oil. It is distilled from fresh petals of Rose Damascena, R. gallica or other species of the rose family. Its refreshing properties keeps you refresh all day long. It’s a light weight perfume that can be used by man and woman both.

2.)    Flora Beauty of Jasmine: Perfume we sell is extracted via hydro or steam distillation. Bela (Jasmine) is grown all over the world for its fragrance. It is a symbol of purity and confidence. Our Jasmine Perfume is made in accordance with high-quality standards under the supervision of experts.

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3.)    Flora Kewra Fragrance: Flora Kewra Fragrance perfume is a flower essence of Kewra extracted through the steam distillation process. Kewra perfume we offer is made up of with a base of Kewra attar that is well known all around the world due to its refreshing properties.

4.)    Flora Chandan spray: It is a long lasting perfume that is natural fragrant oil extracted through the wood of Chandan or sandalwood. It is a natural perfume that awakens your sense. You can apply it any time and it keeps you refresh all day long. Flora Chandan Spray is well known for its cooling properties. It keeps you cool even when the sun is at its peak.

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5.)    Flora Shamama: It is a blend of many herbs and essential oils. It is obtained through Hydro-distillation process. Perfume or Attar we made is still prepared by traditional manufacturing methods. This perfume comes with a sandalwood base for arriving at exotic fragrance value.

6.)    Flora Kesar: Flora Kesar Perfume is extracted from Kesar plant via Hydro-distillation process. It is one of the traditional methods that capture its natural essence and medicinal properties in a bottle. Due to it’s a lovely, sweet and pleasant aroma it is used in Indian cuisine since ancient era.

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