Ramadan is a month of self purification, introspection and spirit of sacrifice. During the holy month of Ramadan, Muslims frequently use the perfume oil ‘Attar’ which is considered as ‘Sunnah’ (Prophetic tradition).  Muslims believe that staying clean and using fragrance is Sunnah for them. It not only refreshes and benefits an individual but also to his near and dear ones as they feel good with the fragrance. Attar and perfumes were one of Prophet Muhammad’s favorites.  

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In this article we’ll tell you about our French perfumes which you should definitely use this Ramadan and which can also be the ideal gifts on Eid.

1.)    Flora Dark Temptation:  It is an irresistible fragrance. It is a long-lasting fragrance that has been crafted for a refreshing beat. It features a fragrance of dark chocolate. It is safe and can be applied on a daily basis.

2.)    Flora CK Shock: Flora CK Shock features heart notes of pepper, basil and cardamom with top notes of lavender and Clementine. It is a body spray that contains a smooth spice of black basil, and finishes with masculine tobacco musk. So go ahead and grab the one for you!

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3.)    Flora Jaguar Black:  It is an invigorating fragrance that assures a touchy feel which all will love to carry on Eid and iftar parties. It comes with heart notes of lotus, orange and ginger blends with a base note of sandalwood. It can be used on a daily basis in morning and evening. It comes in a stylish bottle that is also a good gift option.

4.)    Flora Givenchy Blue: Flora Givenchy Blue features top notes of black current, galbanum and watermelon. The middle is a playful mix of lily, mint and cardamom. At its base are vetiver and tobacco.

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5.)    Flora Fogg Bleu: Fogg Bleu body spray brings you to a journey of an ocean that never ends. This body spray unleashes a perfect rendition of your romantic side with a delightful oriental fragrance.

6.)    Flora Royal Black: Royal Black with Top notes is lime, orange and grapefruit; middle notes are pepper, sage, cardamom and cinnamon; base notes are white musk, cedar, sandalwood, oakmoss, and amber. You can buy this perfume on Eid for not only yourself but also for your friends, family & relatives as this product appeals to all age groups. It is long lasting light flavored perfume.

7.)    Flora Cool Walin: It is a warm and vibrant fragrance that exudes a fusion of fruity notes and black current buds with woody and musky mid notes. This perfume has a combination of fragrances that uplift your mood and senses during meditation and prayers in Ramadan. Long lasting and suitable for daily application. It is also a good gift option.

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