Everything you need to know about Angelica Root Essential oil

The botanical name of Angelica Essential Oil is Aquilaria Agollocha. The oil is extracted from the roots, rhizome, and seeds and steam distillation is employed to achieve this. The uniquely woody and peppery aroma possesses a vast therapeutic repertoire. Angelica enriches the body and renews it. It is richly complex essential oils. Angelica has been used in the form of natural rehabilitation or health tonic since the middle Ages.

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The best traditional perfumes of all time

Some scents never go out of style. They are always remembered for their unique and amazing fragrances.  Our traditional perfumes are also among those fragrances which are remembered for their mesmerizing fragrances.

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French Perfumes: The ruling scents on this Eid

Ramadan is a month of self purification, introspection and spirit of sacrifice. During the holy month of Ramadan, Muslims frequently use the perfume oil ‘Attar’ which is considered as ‘Sunnah’ (Prophetic tradition).  Muslims believe that staying clean and using fragrance is Sunnah for them. It not only refreshes and benefits an individual but also to his near and dear ones as they feel good with the fragrance. Attar and perfumes were one of Prophet Muhammad’s favorites.

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