French Perfumes: The ruling scents on this Eid

Ramadan is a month of self purification, introspection and spirit of sacrifice. During the holy month of Ramadan, Muslims frequently use the perfume oil ‘Attar’ which is considered as ‘Sunnah’ (Prophetic tradition).  Muslims believe that staying clean and using fragrance is Sunnah for them. It not only refreshes and benefits an individual but also to his near and dear ones as they feel good with the fragrance. Attar and perfumes were one of Prophet Muhammad’s favorites.

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The Best Arabic Perfumes to wear and gift this Ramadan

This is the holy month of Ramadan so it is obvious to feel the pleasant fragrance of attars and perfumes in air. Everyone loves to use perfumes of different scents and flavors. It also makes the environment fragrant and fresh. In Muslim tradition the origin of fragrance is even before the Mughal Rule. Attars and perfumes hold special significance in Islam. They are highly used during Ramadan as Muslims believe that their Allah loves the scents.

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Feel the fragrance of Ramadan with our amazing Traditional Attar & essential oils

The beautiful and holy month of Ramadan has begun. Muslims believe that Quran was revealed in Ramadan. Muslims all over the world fast from sunrise to sunset. Fasting is one of the 5 pillars of Islam for Muslims other than charity, faith, prayer and visiting the holy city of Mecca. Ramadan is a month of intense spiritual rejuvenation with a heightened focus on devotion. So, use our traditional attars and essential oils in order to achieve more growth in your spirituality and enhancing your experience of this holy month.

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