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CO2 extracts are extremely pure plant extracts. CO2 extracts produced by a unique process called carbon dioxide extraction method. In this process carbon dioxide can be pressurized until it becomes a liquid. Liquid carbon dioxide then acts as a solvent that can dissolve the natural components present in the plant material. Later, CO2 is brought back under natural pressure, and CO2 returns to its normal gaseous state. What remains resulting is the CO2 extracts.
Essential oils are compounds extracted from plants. These oils contain the plant's essence. They are extracted through steam distillation process. Once the fragrant chemicals are removed from the plant, then they are mixed with a carrier oil to make a product that is ready for use. These essential oils have fresh and fine aroma. These are widely used in the perfumery industry as well as for healthcare and beauty purpose.
Some plants do not allow the creation of an essential oil through steam distillation because the heat may adversely affect the aroma of the oil. In such cases solvent extraction process may be used in order to avoid damage on flowers petals like rose, lily, jasmine, and lotus, orange blossoms etc. Oils produced in this way are known as essential oil absolutes. Absolutes has an aroma which is stronger than the essential oil; And they are often less expensive too.
Organic Flavor Extracts are made from the finest ingredients available. These are the bio-available essence, extracted without added heat and obtains the intricate aroma of the original plant material. To obtain first-class and extreme quality fragrances extracts, only certified substances are used in the production process such as fixed oils (animal or vegetable fat) or alcohol that prevents original properties of the plant.
Essential oils, extracts and absolutes are considered dangerous substances for children because essential oils have strong complexes, so better you keep them with care and out of your children’s reach. These products have positive as well as negative aspects, as young ones have very gentle and sensitive skin that can be harmed with these strong substances.
Since these products are made up of very concentrated substances so, if you apply them directly without diluting it to the skin, then it can cause problems. So it is very important for you to know about the oils you are going to use. Do the research and be aware of the ingredients used in it.

If any essential oil, absolute, or extract gets into your eye then the first thing you need to do is take a clean cloth, dip it into vegetable oil and clean your eyes with that. This is by far the most effective ways to give relief to your eyes.

Constituents are the chemical components that are put together to form an essential oil. So, we can glean that even scent has the positive and negative aspects that are given by the constituents of oil.
Chemotype means the chemical and botanical identity of herbs that grows under different climacteric condition and is often known to have different chemical composition.Chemotype: it means the chemical and botanical identity of herbs that grows under different climacteric condition and is often known to have different chemical composition.
Photosensitivity indicates the state of abnormal reaction of the skin while photosensitizing describes the fact that by applying certain type of essential oils etc. your skin can develop increased sensitivity to the sunlight.